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I have today off work - hurrah!

The house needs cleaning - boo

I can listen to John and Rodney all day on my mp3 player - hurrah!

The ironing pile has taken on the size of Mont Blanc - boo

Don't feel too bad today - hurrah!

It's pouring it down and exercise today is a 2.5 mile walk - double boo with a side of squish!

Oh well - no use procrastinating.

Be back later as footie is on the telly this evening and the Hubster will be watching, although he supports neither team. It's football!! he says.

*Hugs flist* Hurrah!

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Busy times are here again.

The Man has gone skiing, leaving me to my own devices for a week! ( yeah Stargate Atlantis marathons with no interruptions). 

Mum and Dad stayed for the weekend. Lots of lounging, talking and eating of food. Very very nice.

Day to myself tomorrow and then off to Birmingham shopping all day Wednesday with friend L. Back to work Thursday and Friday. Man back Saturday.

Tired out just writing it down.

Some bits and pieces.......

Anyone booked for Peg3 yet? 

300 - there's been mixed comments so I'll just say the usual. Let me see it for myself so I can make up my own mind and then be able to have an informed discussion. None of this slagging off before seen m'larkey. I've read the graphic novel and must admit followed production due to this guy - hot scot number one...

 Gerard Butler. 

Primeval - Douglas Henshall - more hot scots - number two!
 When he played T.E. Lawrence in The Young Indian Jones Chronicles I was smitten. Now he's back in Primeval as Prof. Nick Cutter. Pheweeeeee!

Bedtime now - hope to catch up on more LJ reading tomorrow too.

Nighty night and sweet dreams.

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You'd think it was too hot to write!


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