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Me - I'm on day 8 of the flu virus from hell. At day 4 it decided to give me a throat infection  (with horrendous cough) so I've been off work for four days now. The GP can't do anything about the shivers/hot/cold/flushes/tiredness/lethargy stuff but have antibiotics for the infection and packed me off with "drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol". Duh - I'd already been doing that for four days. If I'm not awake drinking tea or water I'm zonked out.

I've caught up on a bit of reading and that's about it. Haven't got the attention span for anything else. And I sound like a demented frog, all croaky voice and coughing. Don't fancy food at all. Lucozade (which is usually too sweet for me) has become one of my major food groups, as has Heinz Tomato Soup and their chicken noodle soup. Problem is I don't feel hungry at all.

Anyways - small recc. I've been looking for light and humourous to read and someone asked for this at one of the story finder sites. It's shameless Harlequin, is AU John and Rodney and has one of the best child characters  (OC) I've ever read. Plus is funny too. It's been around a while but I missed it, you may have already read it. If  not and you need some distraction with a side of mirth you won't go far wrong with this one, 101 Ways to get Lucky (In Love) by [ profile] scribblinlenore

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Looking4tarzan has commited VID! I like it!


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