Jun. 1st, 2010

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How the time flies - I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. I hope you Dears are all well and warm *hugs*.

Things that have been happening...
  • The back is much better. I'm only leaning now (slightly to the left) and not looking so much like Quasimodo. The walking is still painful, the lower back still slightly out of sync but I've got exercises, must walk and am using my heat pad/tens machine to deal with the rest.I'm off the painkillers as they send me more do-lally than usual (yes, that is possible).
  • As I'm feeling better I'm also back at work - not much change there even after four weeks off.
  • The new table and chairs for the conservatory arrived last week - I've always wanted a "proper" oak table, now I've got one. Probably won't need to buy another again...
  • Much hugs to slashfictionfan and orandream for the lovely gifties.
  • The Man took part in his first triathlon. It just happened to be on the hottest day of the year so far but he survived! Dunno if he will do another tho...
  • Watched The Tower Towers at The Royal Albert Hall with the London Philharmonic et al. It was AMAZING! Howard Shore put in appearance too. 
  • The knitting was discovered from one of the storage boxes - that kept me quiet whilst I could get around. Scarves a go-go!
  • The vegetable plot is going from strength to strength with potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, kale, sprouts and shallots. Chilli/pepper plants and tomatoes are in the conservatory. I love growing the veggies!

Things that are yet to occur...
  • We are going to Derby at the weekend, just for a break and a bit of shopping but what to see at the Cinema? Prince of Persia, Ironman 2 or Robin Hood? 
  • ...or, if I'm really honest - How To Train Your Dragon!
  • Book case and drawers have yet to arrive.
  • We are going to Madeira at the end of June. Just for a week but it's just me and The Man. So looking forward to it.
  • The Man is going to climb Kilimanjaro in September
  • Cannot get tickets for The Return of The King (at The Royal Albert Hall) for love nor money!
  • Blimey - it's our 10th Wedding anniversary in October - now that has gone quick.
Righty - I'm cooking at the mo (Nigella's gammon cooked in cola - not as weird as it sounds, smells gorgeous) so I must away to the kitchen. You lovelies be safe and well and we'll catch up soon...

*big hugs*


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