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 Melted at work today - again.

Boss brought choc ices for everyone, which was nice. Haven't had a proper choc ice in years.

I love working in the old buildings but sometimes the evil twin wants to sod the preservation order and fit air con, ceiling fans and showers. S'risly - showers! - could have killed for one at lunchtime.

The poor laptop (say hi to Meredith) is overheating within an inch of his life and I honestly can't open any more windows. There's no breeze, draught, no air whatsoever.

Mad fool Hubby has gone to look at a couple of houses and sulked because I said there was no way I was going to go outside in this heat! Had to walk back from work in it for heavens sake, must have lost two stone in sweat - *cough* sorry - perspiration! I swear it was cooler in Greece!

Did everyone get that BBC Radio Four are doing three afternoon plays around Torchwood. Sat working this afternoon, listening to the dulcet tones of Capt. Jack and Ianto. Marvellous!

Be cool!
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Just realised the outfit I have on for work ( trying to keep cool with no air con in a very old building) is exactly what I wore to go out for dinner on holiday.


Need more summer clothes and fewer black trouser outfits I think.
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...and I've just broken my fav Jack Skellington mug!


Must be something else on it's way, that would make three.
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Don't make effing promises you can't effing keep!

I've got enough going on without you f***ing with me too.

no love ever

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Officially on annual leave as of...




Yay!!! No more work til the 22nd.

Off to celebrate with pasta and organic pomodoro sauce.

More coherance later!

*hugs you*
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It's very difficult to answer the phone, blow your nose and be polite and sensible sounding all at the same time.

Why does the nose run even more when someone comes into the office or the phone starts to ring.

I feel I should be wearing my sunglasses indoors.

Coffee tastes weird.

Ditto with toast.

*deep sigh*

It's going to be a long day...


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