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I'm only pimping because it's my beloved SGA!

 linky linky...

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 ROFL - I've finally lost it.........

All I kept thinking was John Sheppard, John Sheppard John Sheppard, John Sheppard

See what I mean?
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 The Hubster has gone to Ben Nevis

Ma and Pa have arrived for the weekend.

I watched The Rising ( parts one and two) this morning whilst waiting for the parents to arrive. I so miss my shiney shiney show.

We went to the pub and talked about life, the universe and everything...

Dinner out in an hour...

I love weekend!

Have a good one Dearest Flist...

*hugs and more hugs*
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 Have started my mega catch up read.

Seems I shouldn't have called it Stargate: Voyager but Stargate:90210!

I love you guys!

Bring back the boys and bring on the trumpets!

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... and in a moment of weakness just watched the new trailer for Stargate: Voyager *oops* Universe.


(but I do like Robert Carlyle ( even in his Hamish days!)).

Still want my boys back! *hugs4all*

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Go read beadattitude's comment )

That is all...
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... the credits roll and the Hubby returns. Here ends my SGA mini-fest.

As coincidence would have it, the last scene I watched before The Man returned was the end of Trio. Keller asking Rodney out for a beer.

*deep sigh*.

Hubby asked what was wrong and I tried to explain my "views" on TPTB force feeding me a relationship that I never ever could see. He smiled, said "TPTB didn't know who they were up against, they're just trying to break you down, fit their mould. You know who Rodney would end up with (I sure do!!!!) so don't decend to their level. You've had no trouble doing your own thing before *G* do it again"

He got a kiss for that one.

So, in my world, Keller remained the friend and colleague she should have been. The Team is out their doing what they do best. Atlantis is back in the Pegasus galaxy...

...and, later, somewhere quiet and candlelit, two halves of the same coin finally realise what they are to each other. Their adventure continues.

*scene fades to black, red curtain falls and the lights go up*

Time to go home people...

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Tipsy's all out "I'm gonna miss my blokes, Atlantis, the music, but not TPTB" SGA weekend fest!

*toasts flist with first sip of Hardys Brut Rose (bought especially for the occasion!)*

The Hubby is safely tucked away in his B&B in the Lake District. It's freezing outside here but nice and cosy at Chez Tipsy.  Some dinner first (sweet and sour veggie stir fry or pasta with organic pomodoro sauce) then the watching/reading/laughing/crying commences. The DVD's are ready, I have a list of reading as long as a long thing and I've got some fic to polish off *winks at [ profile] orandream *. There's also Thoughtcrimes, Century Hotel and Boa vs Python if I need a break.

I declare this mini fest...OPEN * confetti and ballons everywhere*.

This is going to be so bittersweet *small sigh*.

How's everyone else marking the occasion?


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See, they see what we see! We just take it that little bit further step further *G*.

Thanks to [ profile] vida_boheme  and [ profile] sheafrotherdon  for the finding of it. Approx 5:37, 6:10 for the comment. Mr Hewlett taking about how Joe jokes that McKay was Shep's relationship arc.


This has made me smile sooo much.
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...I'll buy him his very own Sheppard to play with.

The possibilities are endless!

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I'm still laughing...

Just go here and have a read and a listen.

I love it.

They are very very brave!
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Go and vote on youtube for the sock puppet theatre - details here...

Go on now...


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Anyone on the almighty and all knowing Flist know of SGA / X Files crossover fics??


*crickets chirrping*

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bloody hell, I've been on LJ a year today...

*whoot whoot*

Here's to the next thousand years...

*hugs flist bigtime*

Love you guys!!!

...and I still adore "my two blokes"
(wonderful manip by

[personal profile] berlinghoff79)


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All of you who went to Peg2!!!

What music was used in the various fanvids we saw.

Putting together a soundtrack for the weekend and I can't remember them all!

Muchos gracias!

ps also requested on [profile] peg2con journal.


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