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 May Lammas be bright and bountiful for you

*hugs hugs hugs*

Runs off to the garden to harvest some veggies...

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How the time flies - I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. I hope you Dears are all well and warm *hugs*.

Things that have been happening...
  • The back is much better. I'm only leaning now (slightly to the left) and not looking so much like Quasimodo. The walking is still painful, the lower back still slightly out of sync but I've got exercises, must walk and am using my heat pad/tens machine to deal with the rest.I'm off the painkillers as they send me more do-lally than usual (yes, that is possible).
  • As I'm feeling better I'm also back at work - not much change there even after four weeks off.
  • The new table and chairs for the conservatory arrived last week - I've always wanted a "proper" oak table, now I've got one. Probably won't need to buy another again...
  • Much hugs to slashfictionfan and orandream for the lovely gifties.
  • The Man took part in his first triathlon. It just happened to be on the hottest day of the year so far but he survived! Dunno if he will do another tho...
  • Watched The Tower Towers at The Royal Albert Hall with the London Philharmonic et al. It was AMAZING! Howard Shore put in appearance too. 
  • The knitting was discovered from one of the storage boxes - that kept me quiet whilst I could get around. Scarves a go-go!
  • The vegetable plot is going from strength to strength with potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, kale, sprouts and shallots. Chilli/pepper plants and tomatoes are in the conservatory. I love growing the veggies!

Things that are yet to occur...
  • We are going to Derby at the weekend, just for a break and a bit of shopping but what to see at the Cinema? Prince of Persia, Ironman 2 or Robin Hood? 
  • ...or, if I'm really honest - How To Train Your Dragon!
  • Book case and drawers have yet to arrive.
  • We are going to Madeira at the end of June. Just for a week but it's just me and The Man. So looking forward to it.
  • The Man is going to climb Kilimanjaro in September
  • Cannot get tickets for The Return of The King (at The Royal Albert Hall) for love nor money!
  • Blimey - it's our 10th Wedding anniversary in October - now that has gone quick.
Righty - I'm cooking at the mo (Nigella's gammon cooked in cola - not as weird as it sounds, smells gorgeous) so I must away to the kitchen. You lovelies be safe and well and we'll catch up soon...

*big hugs*


May. 2nd, 2010 03:35 pm
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 Internet is back again, the Man was making, varnishing and putting up shelves over the computer desk. Everything had to be switched off and moved for a while.

How's your weekend going?

The Man is now playing with his new petrol driven lawn mower and I'm sat working through some "stuff" in the spare bedroom post moving. Painkillers working well, slow roast lamb is already in the oven and the music is on...

...must be a bank holiday!

Hugs4all and hoping you are having a peaceful, restful time!
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 The tomatoes, leeks and cabbage have all sprouted at the same time! Yay! The little seed trays are covered with green growing things. Spring is sprung!
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 Watching the Grammys, washing, cleaning with reading, writing ( no 'rithmatic) planned for later. The Man has go mountain biking so a little peace and quiet around the flat.

Hope you guys having a good Sunday.

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 Having watched Whispers yesterday, this is not funny!
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It's like a skating rink around here!

Just wanting to say Happy Holidays, have a lovely time whatever you end up doing and be safe out in this weird weather. *hugs*

Life is currently full of paperwork, surveys, more papers and wrapping presents so I've got a ton of reading to catch up on when I'm back.

Thanks yous and hugs to [ profile] anna_luna  and [ profile] orandream for the gorgeous cards!

Off to the in-laws after work today and afters my parents are visitng us (weather and road conditions permitting).

hugs and love and stuff!!!


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 Night has chased away the wonderful sunset. The crescent moon is bright in the sky with the evening star shining brighly just below it.
It's a school night but we are having a toast to the New Year, to family, friends and those no longer with us.

Here's toast to you all - *raises glass* Cheers!
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...and I know everyone is going gaga's over Dr Who - but - buried deep in the "drama" trailer for Christmas 2009 on BBC One are some teeny tiny clips of Dougray Scott and Joely Richardson and you know what that means...

all new two parter Day of The Triffids!!! * silent kermit happy moment*

woot woot!

( @ 0:42 mark )
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...New Zealand is beckoning.

We have a 3pm flight out of Heathrow, 27 hours later it's hello New Zealand. I cannot wait!!

The laptop is not going with us so I'm incommunicado for the best side of three weeks. How will I cope? *G*.

I've loaded the mp3 player, have my SGA book and have the required writing implements *winks at [ profile] orandream*.

Oh, and The Hubby is currently squeezing the last of the clothes in the suitcase.

Please take care and be happy and sending lots of love and hugs.

See you on the flipside.

Hailing frequencies closed.
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...when the pile of ironing required for hols is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

oh my...

Have a good day dear flist *hugs*
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 Singing along to the MGM Proms on BBC4 at the top of my lungs...

Hubby has retreated to the spare room with a roll of the eyes...

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Go vote if you have a few spare minutes...

I won't repeat what I put in the missed opportunities bit but it included the words Stargate Atlantis, Universe and bad ( repeated a few times...)

and - OOohhhhhh
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 The Hubster has gone to Ben Nevis

Ma and Pa have arrived for the weekend.

I watched The Rising ( parts one and two) this morning whilst waiting for the parents to arrive. I so miss my shiney shiney show.

We went to the pub and talked about life, the universe and everything...

Dinner out in an hour...

I love weekend!

Have a good one Dearest Flist...

*hugs and more hugs*
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 to [personal profile] from_the_corner !!!!

Hope you have a lovely birthday.

Hugs and bestest wishes

tipsywitch: (Default) to the in-laws ( figured out wouldn't see them til after NZ -  so going now, right now), so have a good evening and catch up tomorrow

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 I didn't know they existed until I saw one on Friday night. ( not my pictures, just trying to set the scene!)

It was 10 pm, dark, and we were still trying to get the tent up in a camp site that the rain had turned into a bog.

There was a full moon rising over Consiton water. The moon was very bright and casting it's own shadows.

180 degrees and the clouds were just gathering behind the Old Man of Coniston for what turned out to be a good old storm.

There was clear sky between the two, with drizzle being blown from the old man towards the lake, and then something like this appeared. Stayed for about three minutes and then slowly faded.

The sky was darker than in the picture. There were no colours in the bow, just shades of grey and silver, but you couldn't mistake what it was given the shape and all. It was beautiful.

Came home the following day as it was not good weather for attempting Scafell and the campsite had turned more boggy! Did manage a stroll round Ambleside which is always a bonus. Excellent tea shoppes!

But the rain, mud and gales was worth seeing the moonbow.


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 to the wonderful

[personal profile] sonadorita 

Hope you have a lovely day Dorie!!!!

*hugs and squish and chocolate cake!*

This is...

Jul. 4th, 2009 06:17 pm
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... Your Independance Day!!!

( sorry - couldn't resist)

Happy Fourth of July peoples. Hope you have a good one.


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