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It's David Nykl's birthday today.

He was such a charming man to talk to at Peg2, and he looked gorgeous in real life!

Happy Birthday!

Šťastný Narozeniny
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...I went to Pegasus2 convention -

Happy Birthday to the awesome David Hewlett!!!

and thanks to you I met some wonderful wonderful people! *hugs flist*
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..however, I do also have a soft spot for Radek. 

I was lucky enough to meet David Nykl at Peg2  and everytime I had a chance to talk with him he was gracious, charming and full of enthusiasm. He also does an excellent blog. If you haven't already, have a look and see what goes on...
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RL has been getting in the way! With the snow and the two hour bus journey home ( usually takes 30 mins approx) I was well and truly ...tired out...yesterday!  

It's also hubbys birthday today!!!!! Happy Birthday Rich - loveyalots!

and now...

Part two of the Peg2 con post.

Guests coming at 7:00 for dinner to celebrate hubbys birthday so I'd better be off.

Catch you tomorrow!

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All of you who went to Peg2!!!

What music was used in the various fanvids we saw.

Putting together a soundtrack for the weekend and I can't remember them all!

Muchos gracias!

ps also requested on [profile] peg2con journal.
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This is in no way going to be coherant, in order and probably make any sense.

Back to reality now and Diana - yes the con blues have arrived!!
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You have been warned!

Normal service will be resumed when Tipsy comes down from the ceiling; and no I'm not on my broomstick!

I'm going...    I'm actually going...   

Breathe Tipsy, keep breathing...

ps Please could I have a flist count - who's going and how do we synchronise watches/phones/cameras/whatever...


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