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Perkin127 again...

Look out for "...i tried to be someone else" *sniff*

*deep sigh and hugs the Blokes close*

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This is not mine. I found it and am sharing the joy of McShep...

All credit to Perkin127 here,

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and all I keep looking at is this...

(thank you [ profile] berlinghoff79 !!!)

and realising how much I miss them.

*deep sigh*
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Happy Birthday Dearest [ profile] jo_zed_pee_em .

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Just a little snippet for you...

Author: Tipsywitch
Title: Surprise...
Fandom/pairing: SGA. McShep.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit, I'm mostly harmless.
Spoilers: None that I can see.

AN - For Jo, ( [ profile] jo_zed_pee_em ) on the auspicious occasion of her 30th Birthday. It sorta grew from the drabble it was...

John knew something was up. He couldn't put his finger on it which annoyed him to hell but his spidey sense was tingling. That and the hairs on the back of his neck made him pretty sure something - somewhere - was up.

Read more... )

*hides behind cushion* Yes it's fluff and PWP but it's what came to mind.

*hugs for your birthday*

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See, they see what we see! We just take it that little bit further step further *G*.

Thanks to [ profile] vida_boheme  and [ profile] sheafrotherdon  for the finding of it. Approx 5:37, 6:10 for the comment. Mr Hewlett taking about how Joe jokes that McKay was Shep's relationship arc.


This has made me smile sooo much.
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Do you love our two heroes?

Do you have an all time favourite movie scene? ( yes I know That 's Chuck but he is Shep's stand in and work with me here...)

Can you McShep it?

 *cough* Please see previous post...

Come on people! Give me some lunch time reading!

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I've escaped with a coffee for a little while from the madness in the kitchen.

Go here , and given them a hug.

[personal profile] crysothemis and [personal profile] sheafrotherdonare two of my fav's in fandom - now they've done something I think is extra special...

Oh well, the kitchen calls.

Have a good weekend and catch you later...

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 jo-zed-pee-em has found her mojo and commited fic of the most McShep kind...

Go and have pleasant dreams!
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Does anyone know of a Raiders of the Lost Ark AU with John and Rodney?

I've been having these weird ideas lately, lots of scenarios and au's, and I don't want to start if one's already been done. 
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...and here's why

hugs and kiss on cheek for flist.

HUGE glomp for [personal profile] mckays_girl

ps Happy Samhain to one and all

pps Hero's is just...just...*sigh*

ppps Will be around at the weekend, with proper update

pppps Happy Birthday [profile] nevernilien
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I took 38 Kisses on holiday with me. Check it out here -

I was sat at the pool late one afternoon,   ,

listening away and these just popped into my head. I just hope [personal profile] sheafrotherdonand [personal profile] the_oscar_cat will forgive me...

Title: And That Makes Forty.
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: McShep
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None
Unbeta'd for I am an impatient witch.
Notes: For [personal profile] sheafrotherdonfor the original idea and for [personal profile] the_oscar_cat for the wonderful reading of it. For
Kissing John

Rodney loves it when John is like this.

Instead of the straight lines and brusque angles, there are soft curves that need caressing: Hollows to touch and tickle, drowsy lips begging to be kissed. 

Soft breath that mutters "Hi." or "Morning." or "Hello you.". 

Gentle hands that rub slow lazy circles on Rodney's back as Rodney steals in for another kiss. 

Before daylight hits the bed.

Before the angles and lines have to return. 

These are the moments with his John. 

The one no one else sees. 

His alone.

Kissing Rodney

John is constantly amazed how Rodney can go from rant to whimper in a heartbeat, or should that be the time of a kiss on his lips? There must be some equation for it.

The voice softens, quiets to almost nothing. 

The murmurs and whispers make John see stars, Rodney breaths and gasps softly into Johns mouth. 





"Oh there!" 



He loves the soft moans and the content silences.

He loves this Rodney. 

His Rodney.
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... I succumbed!

There's two, if you can find them. One old, one new...

 "Kiss me with your mouth, your love is better than wine"

Yep, the red wine is a calling...

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Hosted by the wonderful [personal profile] sheafrotherdon.

Go have a read, or write, or whatever!!!!!

Lots and Lots and Lots of John and Rodney!

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...yet so familiar!

I'm blaming [personal profile] mckays_girlwhen the men in white coats come to take me away...

And they relate to the previous post about this

Fibble wibble wibble boink!

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*still laughing*

This has so made my day.

Please go have a read.

I can't tell hubby why I'm laughing so hard!  I really really can't.

*smooshes for

[personal profile] mckays_girl*


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I want to write like 

[personal profile] mckays_girl does!!!!!

She has kindly written a story for me. It's wonderful!

...and if you haven't read The Naming of Stars, read that one first.

big hugs and thanks yous and lotsalove to [personal profile] mckays_girl



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P.S. Eeeeek! It worked! Found this on Youtube and hadn't seen it before so thought I'd share.
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bloody hell, I've been on LJ a year today...

*whoot whoot*

Here's to the next thousand years...

*hugs flist bigtime*

Love you guys!!!

...and I still adore "my two blokes"
(wonderful manip by

[personal profile] berlinghoff79)



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