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Happy Birthday to ya
Happy Birthday to ya
Happy biiiiiirrrrth-daaaaaaay!

Hope you have a most wonderful birthday Dear

*hugs and balloons and glitter*
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...New Zealand is beckoning.

We have a 3pm flight out of Heathrow, 27 hours later it's hello New Zealand. I cannot wait!!

The laptop is not going with us so I'm incommunicado for the best side of three weeks. How will I cope? *G*.

I've loaded the mp3 player, have my SGA book and have the required writing implements *winks at [ profile] orandream*.

Oh, and The Hubby is currently squeezing the last of the clothes in the suitcase.

Please take care and be happy and sending lots of love and hugs.

See you on the flipside.

Hailing frequencies closed.
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...when the pile of ironing required for hols is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

oh my...

Have a good day dear flist *hugs*
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Two for the price of one...


Jake Gyllenhall looks gorgeous and I was hoping Gerard  B would be the dragon - ah well, can't have everything...

Have a cosy evening Dear Flist.

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 Singing along to the MGM Proms on BBC4 at the top of my lungs...

Hubby has retreated to the spare room with a roll of the eyes...


Oh Boy...

Oct. 29th, 2009 08:08 pm
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This will go one of two ways - the cheesy way of the Star Wars sequels *shudder* or it will rock our world... (until Tron 2 comes along),

Avatar full trailer here...

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 ...anyone got any Atlantis podfic they would like to recc? Pretty please?

Prefer McShep, but I'll be going stir crazy so anything Atlantis would be wonderful!

Many thanks

*hugs and kiss on the cheek*

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I'm only pimping because it's my beloved SGA!

 linky linky...

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There's going to be a signing...
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 ROFL - I've finally lost it.........

All I kept thinking was John Sheppard, John Sheppard John Sheppard, John Sheppard

See what I mean?
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Go vote if you have a few spare minutes...

I won't repeat what I put in the missed opportunities bit but it included the words Stargate Atlantis, Universe and bad ( repeated a few times...)

and - OOohhhhhh
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 The Hubster has gone to Ben Nevis

Ma and Pa have arrived for the weekend.

I watched The Rising ( parts one and two) this morning whilst waiting for the parents to arrive. I so miss my shiney shiney show.

We went to the pub and talked about life, the universe and everything...

Dinner out in an hour...

I love weekend!

Have a good one Dearest Flist...

*hugs and more hugs*
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I can't embed this so please go have a listen...

I didn't know it existed.

(Oh lordy, *G* keep seeing Spinal Tap singing it, dancing around a teeny weeny stargate...)

Anyone know anything about it? Or the group?

Edit: Ho ho... found a vid of the group... Looks like a wolf convention to me ;)

Edit 2: Found 'em -
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Like I've always said - you need to see where it all started to get the full picture...

Let's have some support for...

[community profile] stargate_movie

You know it makes sense!


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 to [personal profile] from_the_corner !!!!

Hope you have a lovely birthday.

Hugs and bestest wishes

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 Mr Lloyd-Webber has come up with a sequel to Phantom of The opera  - "Love Never Dies"

If you sign up for their newletter you can download a track called Coney Island Waltz.. Seems to have themes within it from the original.

Details here

tipsywitch: (Default) to the in-laws ( figured out wouldn't see them til after NZ -  so going now, right now), so have a good evening and catch up tomorrow

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Hope you have a lovely day!!!!! [ profile] moonlettuce


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